SEO Service Pricing & Details

Flexible Pricing & Custom SEO Service Plans

Our recommended SEO service packages and prices are listed in the chart below. Custom quotes and service plans are always available to suit any budget requirements.

No Setup Fees & No Contracts

We do not charge a higher setup fee for the first month and we do not lock our clients into any contract. Service can be cancelled at any time.

This means we have to show you quality service, strong performance and good value so that you'll want to keep us working for you.

While it takes time to achieve the best results, you'll see clear improvement in rankings and traffic before the end of the first month so that you can decide whether to have us continue working with your site.

You can also change or reduce your service level at any time.

SEO Service Plans & Prices

$895 per month For websites with many broad or highly competitive keywords.
$495 per month For websites that need to beat niche or local competition.
$295 per month For websites that need to get in the game or maintain rankings.

Recommended Pricing Plan

All of our service plans will improve your rankings and visitor traffic, but for most sites we recommend starting with one of our higher service plans and then switching down to a lower service level once most of the major website optimization work has been completed and the focus of the campaign shifts to promoting the site and authority building throughout the web.

SEO Service Plans & Details

Our most popular SEO service plans are listed below. We offer custom plans to suit any website's requirements, but these are usually a good match for most sites depending mainly on the competitiveness of their niche.

Items marked with a green dot are given immediate priority at that service level, while items marked with a grey dot will not be ignored but are given lower priority at that service level.

In all cases for all service levels, nothing is omitted, and regardless of the service level you choose, we'll first handle the most urgent and impactful things that your website needs to perform on search engines, and then continue with the less impactful (but still important) items as the project moves forward.

If you have any questions, contact us and we'll be happy to discuss our services with you and help you choose the best options for your website.

Please place your mouse pointer over each item below for a more detailed description of each task.

Initial Analysis & Setup Phase
Keyword Research & Refinement
Competitor Analysis
Website Page & Content Analysis
Website Structure Analysis
Server Architecture Analysis
Google Analytics Setup
Google Webmaster Tools Setup
Google Analytics Configuration
Website Optimization Phase
Content Optimization
Page Titles & Meta-Descriptions
H1 Headings & Subheadings
Image ALT Text
Title Attributes
Configuration of robots.txt & sitemap.xml
Duplicate Content Audit
Canonical Tags
URL / Page Link Optimization
HTML Sitemap Page
Custom 404 Error Page
Internal Linking
Blog Optimization
Schema Microdata Markup
URL & 301 Redirects
Conversion & Usability Optimization
Backlinking & Authority Building
Articles & Press Releases
Blog Article Distribution & Promotion
Engagement Activity & Reputation Building
Social Media Monitoring & Engagement
Local SEO & Business Listings
Google Local Business Listing
Other Local Business Listings
Citation Building & Listing Promotion
Reporting, Analysis & Consultation
Google Webmaster Tools Management
Monthly Search Engine Ranking Reports
Website Traffic & Engagement Reports
Website Traffic Analysis & Consultation
Competitive Comparison Reports & Analysis
Any Time Email & Toll-Free Phone Support

Indicates tasks given immediate priority at that service level.

Tasks not ignored, but given lower priority at that service level.

These three listed plans while popular and suitable for most websites are suggestions and can be customized to suit any budget, big or small. You can also increase or reduce your service level at any time.

Request a Free Consultation

To help us better understand your search engine optimization and other web marketing requirements, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. We'll get to know your business and help you decide on the best strategy to achieve your objectives. Let's talk about your website!

Services Related to SEO & Search Engine Optimization:

Website Traffic Analysis & Conversion Optimization

Website Traffic Analysis

Without in-depth, accurate insight into whats happening with your web marketing strategy, your campaign is flying blind and its impossible to make the hard, data-driven decisions necessary for positive growth.

  • Website visitor traffic and user behaviour analysis and reporting.
  • Conversion rate optimization to increase sales, leads and sign-ups from your website visitors.
  • Clear, detailed reporting on campaign progress, performance and recommendations to refine and expand your web marketing strategy.

Our web marketing consultation service will give you all of the strategic insight you'll need for your campaign to perform optimally.

More Details

SEO Friendly Website Design & Redesign

Website Design & Redesign

Choosing a professional web designer to create your new site can be a huge challenge, especially when you need quality work delivered on a reasonable budget.

  • Custom, SEO friendly websites designed to get found and represent your business professionally.
  • Clear, attractive and user-friendly design to improve engagement and increase visitor response for more leads, sales and sign-ups.
  • Free design mockups and revisions from your feedback.

You'll get a website that not only looks great, but will also get the response you're looking for from visitors. You'll get the site you need and it'll look the way you want, on time and on budget.

More Details

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Improve how visitors navigate and interact with your website to make it easier and more inviting for people to contact you and purchase your product or service.

  • Increase sales, leads and sign-ups from your website visitors.
  • Resolve obstacles to conversion and improve website usability.
  • Split testing to compare response to new design features and concepts.

We've all been to websites that are a nightmare to use and navigate. It doesn't take long to give up on a site and look for a better one. We don't want this to be your website.

More Details


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