PPC / Pay-Per-Click Management

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising systems like Google AdWords and Bing Ads require you to bid on keywords and then to pay for that bid amount each time your ad is clicked.

Advantages of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC advertising is the best way to get immediate and fully controllable visitor traffic to your website. You can control when and where your ads are seen and pay-per-click ads allow you to target and get traffic even for highly competitive keywords.

The main strategy for success in PPC advertising is to ensure that the return on your advertising budget is strong so that you gain more from your campaign than it costs. Our specialists are expert in managing and optimizing PPC campaigns. We will make sure that your paid search marketing operates efficiently and effectively for maximum ROI on your advertising budget.

Pay-Per-Click Account & Campaign Setup

If you haven't yet set up your pay-per-click account or campaigns, we can handle that for you and ensure that it's set up optimally for your needs and your budget. Initially, we generally recommend that new campaigns start out fairly modest until performance metrics begin coming in from which we can help you make use of this data to expand the scope of your paid search marketing strategy as you see fit.

Pay-Per-Click Management & Optimization

For pay-per-click campaigns that are already set up and running, we can optimize them for maximum conversion performance and efficiency. This PPC tune-up will ensure that your paid search ads will result in conversions, and that you will receive the greatest possible return on your investment and PPC budget.

Even after a PPC campaign is set up and optimized, it's recommended and necessary to always stay on top of things to make certain that budgets and bids are set perfectly, and that your ads are performing well and generating the results you want.

Google Analytics Integration

For insight into how your PPC advertising campaign is performing and to identify what's working and what isn't, it's vital to integrate it with Google Analytics. Configuring Google Analytics to measure pay-per-click traffic data will greatly enhance the depth of information in the available reports, allowing for empirical, data-driven strategic decisions.

Without setting up Google Analytics to work with your AdWords or other pay-per-click system, you may be burning through your paid search advertising budget unnecessarily. Our team of specialists will make certain that it's configured perfectly to provide the reporting needed for the critical analysis.

PPC Landing Pages & Conversion Rate Optimization

Landing pages for pay-per-click ads are specifically designed so that when someone clicks on one of your PPC ads they will arrive on your site, directly onto a page which corresponds with what they were looking for, when they found and clicked on your ad. This streamlines their experience and gets them the information they were looking for as quickly as possible.

Delivering visitors the perfect page which matches the PPC ad they clicked on will result in greatly improved conversions and an increase in your ad's quality score. Ads with higher quality scores will also receive more exposure and lower clickthrough charges, so it's very important to have strong and impactful pages on your website to strengthen connections with prospects quickly and to give customers exactly what they want.

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