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SEO – A Lifestyle Change For Your Website

SEO - a lifestyle change for your websiteOne of the hardest points to drive home is how important it is to make SEO a constant priority.

You want a steady stream of organic search traffic, but don’t want to redesign your website, create compelling content, build links, or spend any time social networking. It’s a lot like like losing weight. You want to lose 20lbs, but don’t particularly want to change your diet or devote any time to exercise.

Think about Oprah. When she wants to lose weight she hires a personal trainer and a personal chef. They’re paid to ensure that she works out and eats right. She loses weight, feels great, and then fires them. What does she need them for now? 6 months later, she’s gained weight, is out of shape, and feels lousy.

You looked at your under-performing website and decided to outsource in the same way. You hired an SEO firm, they did extensive… keyword research and mapped out a strategy. They consulted on a redesign, which you hired a designer to implement. You paid an SEO copywriter to create or edit content for your site. You consulted with your SEO about link building and and getting your social networking presence underway. It took time but your search engine rankings went way up and your traffic increased dramatically. Your sales increased, your brand was becoming known. You felt great!

The SEO company left. What more do you need them for, right? Things are going so well! Then you stopped doing anything. Gradually, like the pounds creeping on, your website traffic and sales started creeping downwards. Your links started dieing out, your social media accounts went without updates for months on end. “What’s going on?” you think to yourself, “I did SEO. We finished it months ago! What’s wrong?”

You got it – SEO is a lifestyle change for your website.

You need to keep doing it – SEO is never done. Search engine algorithms change, new competitors show up, your business changes. If you have a website, SEO needs to be a priority – always. It needs to be constantly worked at and monitored, or your website will get out of shape.

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