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The Benefits of a Website Analysis for Improving Strategy

A number of SEO services offer free consultations but a site analysis is a different service. It involves research and data to determine your strategy’s, successes and obstacles.

Why Try an In-Depth Website Analysis?

SEO Second Opinion

We love second opinions. One expert is not always enough!

A site analysis will let you know what your current SEO firm is working on and will tell you where they are proving their worth, and areas that you, as the customer, should be asking about or checking in on.

Improve Strategy on a Budget

If you are a website DIY (do-it-yourself) kind of person, an in-depth analysis will offer the direction for handling your business’s web marketing campaign.  This way, you will not waste time on Social Media, for example, if your business would benefit best from a pay-per-click campaign.

By discovering your website’s strengths and limitations you will have a clear understanding of where your time and money needs to be invested for the fast and effective results.
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Online Business: 5 Characteristics of a Highly Effective Website

Back in the 90’s all a business had to do was have a website to stand out, receive high rankings in popular search engines and sell their products and services online.  In the 2000’s the competition became fierce but a well-designed site and some Internet marketing helped a business to soar past their competitors.  So now we ask; what about 2012 and beyond?

Your Website IS your Business – Not an Extension of It

With the growing popularity of mobile apps and smaller, faster computers, shopping from anywhere is easy. Customers buy big screen TVs from the lineup in the grocery store because they have already done their research and read reviews from the convenience of their home or office. There are many families working multiple jobs and encouraging their children to attend extracurricular activities, so who has time to comparison shop in person anymore? No one!

The habits of the average consumer have changed. More people are turning to online storefronts before they visit the physical retail location and it’s increasingly popular to make entire purchases online from start to finish.  Instead of visiting a coffee shop, taking a business card and checking out the website at home, customers are finding out about the coffee shop through positive reviews on social media, visiting the site and then becoming a customer.  That customer will tell their friends, provided the site has a certain set of traits.
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How Do I Get My Website Noticed?

As long as there’s been the internet, there’s been this question – how do I get my website noticed fast online? Unfortunately there’s really only three answers to it – spend a TON of money, do something excellent and outstanding, or do something shocking, unique, or hilarious. Whether the last idea is the right step for your business is your call, most business owners are going to shy away from trying to be too outrageous.

So, suppose you do create something that is excellent and outstanding. What good is it going to do if nobody sees it? This is the conundrum that’s usually ignored by people proclaiming that “Content Is King”. Yes, content is IT. Without it, you’re nothing. But without eyeballs on your content, it might as well not exist. (If remarkable content is posted in the forest and nobody is around to…) Creating great content is not enough – you also need to create a way to get it noticed.

In the video above, Matt Cutts (Google guy) suggests inventing a gadget (?) or being a cartoonist, which are… approaches I hadn’t considered for website promotion. All joking aside, the point he’s making here is solid. If you want to get your business noticed quickly, you need to do something beyond what you normally do. Something that makes your business stand out. Something nobody else in your niche has to offer. The answer to this question may be YOU. If YOU are your business, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Nobody’s suggesting you make a spectacle of yourself, just don’t be reluctant to use your strengths and your personality.

How many sites do you visit every day that you’ve never visited before? Probably not many. What compels you to visit new websites when you do? Look at your answers to that question and start thinking about how that could work for you.

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Marketing In The Age Of Google : A Review

If you’re doing any kind of business online, there’s something for you in “Marketing In The Age Of Google” by Vanessa Fox. If you’re a business owner ready to get serious about your internet marketing, this book is the perfect place to start. If you’re a seasoned SEO, it will give you fresh eyes and help you communicate better with your clients.

If you maintain a business web site, you owe it to yourself to check this book out. It’s a fantastic non-technical guide to online marketing and search. Vanessa discusses every aspect of search marketing, how search engines work and how web sites can be best optimized to help them do their job. Online market research through search, finding niches, optimization, pay-per-click strategies, designing pages for conversion – it’s all in here. And, it’s all written in understandable, jargon-free language. Yes, SEOs and internet marketers will often pepper articles and conversation with bizarre buzzwords and acronyms that make everything we’re discussing confusing for the layman. There’s none of that here. This book, while certainly not “for dummies”, will help anyone who knows their business and their customers to succeed online.

If you’re looking to hire an SEO company, reading this book ahead of time will put you in a great position to make the right choice. You’ll know what questions to ask and what to expect. You can easily outsource the research and technical implementation confidently if you know and understand the basics of what needs to be done. Plus, your educated input will enable the SEO to better help you accomplish your goal – making conversions.

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A Quick Checklist For Creating Web Pages With Conversion In Mind

While creating content for a new page, think of the following questions:

What is my goal with this page?

Determine exactly what you want this page to do for you. Is it a purely informational content? An introduction? Or is it a sales page.

What do I want the visitor to do?

Do you want to sell them something immediately? Do you want them to contact you? Do you want them to submit an email address? Do you want them to click on to the next page?

If you don’t know precisely what you’d like the visitor to do on this page, they certainly won’t.

How can I make it easy for them to do that?

Make sure that the pages “call to action” is clear and obvious. The “buy now” button, the contact form, the link, or whatever it is should right there in front of them.

Then, take a look at the new page from the visitors perspective…

Why is the visitor here?

Determine what kind of visitor you would ideally have landing on this page. Are they looking to purchase a product you’re selling? Looking to engage your services? Are they trying to answer a question or find some information? Those are very different visitors – so make sure you keep the right one in mind when developing content for each particular page of your website.

What does the visitor want from this page?

If they’ve arrived looking for a particular product, make sure that product is exactly where they land. Don’t require them to run a search of your site to find it.

If it’s information the visitor is looking for, make sure it’s what they find, and entice them to stick around for a while with targeted links to related content on your site.

What would compel them to follow your “call to action”?

Once again, make it easy for them to do it.

If they are visiting to make a purchase, make this easy. Put the “buy” button right there. Don’t place an obstacle like registration in the way. Don’t require them to fill out a quick survey before confirming their order

If they want to get in touch with you, make this easy. Put the contact form or contact information right there.

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