How Do I Get My Website Noticed?

As long as there’s been the internet, there’s been this question – how do I get my website noticed fast online? Unfortunately there’s really only three answers to it – spend a TON of money, do something excellent and outstanding, or do something shocking, unique, or hilarious. Whether the last idea is the right step for your business is your call, most business owners are going to shy away from trying to be too outrageous.

So, suppose you do create something that is excellent and outstanding. What good is it going to do if nobody sees it? This is the conundrum that’s usually ignored by people proclaiming that “Content Is King”. Yes, content is IT. Without it, you’re nothing. But without eyeballs on your content, it might as well not exist. (If remarkable content is posted in the forest and nobody is around to…) Creating great content is not enough – you also need to create a way to get it noticed.

In the video above, Matt Cutts (Google guy) suggests inventing a gadget (?) or being a cartoonist, which are… approaches I hadn’t considered for website promotion. All joking aside, the point he’s making here is solid. If you want to get your business noticed quickly, you need to do something beyond what you normally do. Something that makes your business stand out. Something nobody else in your niche has to offer. The answer to this question may be YOU. If YOU are your business, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Nobody’s suggesting you make a spectacle of yourself, just don’t be reluctant to use your strengths and your personality.

How many sites do you visit every day that you’ve never visited before? Probably not many. What compels you to visit new websites when you do? Look at your answers to that question and start thinking about how that could work for you.