The Conversion Friendly Website Design Checklist

Conversion Friendly Website Design Checklist

Conversion is the ability to take your prospects and turn them into customers, and this is made easier with a website that has been designed, navigated and presented specifically for your target audience.

A Website can be a Business’s most Powerful Asset, or its own Worst Enemy

Too many businesses think of their website as an online brochure or business card. The fact is, the Internet has changed; there is more competition and the average consumer demands more from the sites that they visit.

Is your Website Conversion Friendly? Here is the Checklist:

1. Does it Load Fast?

Customers are impatient! We’ve all done it; a site doesn’t instantly load and we hit the back button. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your website is the exception.

Conversion friendly websites should also load well (no broken images, glitches etc) and appear in all browsers such as Internet Explorer and Chrome, and on all platforms including tablets and Smartphones. Continue reading

How Much Do SEO Services Cost?

Check out our SEO service pricing page to get an idea of what our services cost.

If you have been shopping for an SEO firm you soon discover that prices range from “Free,” to ridiculous, sky-high fees.  Then of course, there is every price in between.  So how do you determine how much SEO services cost, and if you will be getting the value that you are paying for?

This article will help you to choose an SEO service that meets your website’s needs and budget, and to avoid costly mistakes that can slow down, or completely derail your SEO marketing campaign.

Why do SEO Companies Not List Their Prices?

The majority of SEO firms do not list their prices.

The reason for this is because every website is unique.  There are no two businesses that will require the exact same services, and it is difficult to determine an approximate price range for every business, all at once.

The problem with this approach is that until you contact an SEO firm for a quote or consultation you don’t know if you are looking at $500 or $5000 to get started. The last thing most people want is to be contacted by a service that they simply cannot afford. Continue reading

The Benefits of a Website Analysis for Improving Strategy

A number of SEO services offer free consultations but a site analysis is a different service. It involves research and data to determine your strategy’s, successes and obstacles.

Why Try an In-Depth Website Analysis?

SEO Second Opinion

We love second opinions. One expert is not always enough!

A site analysis will let you know what your current SEO firm is working on and will tell you where they are proving their worth, and areas that you, as the customer, should be asking about or checking in on.

Improve Strategy on a Budget

If you are a website DIY (do-it-yourself) kind of person, an in-depth analysis will offer the direction for handling your business’s web marketing campaign.  This way, you will not waste time on Social Media, for example, if your business would benefit best from a pay-per-click campaign.

By discovering your website’s strengths and limitations you will have a clear understanding of where your time and money needs to be invested for the fast and effective results. Continue reading

Online Business: 5 Characteristics of a Highly Effective Website

Back in the 90’s all a business had to do was have a website to stand out, receive high rankings in popular search engines and sell their products and services online.  In the 2000’s the competition became fierce but a well-designed site and some Internet marketing helped a business to soar past their competitors.  So now we ask; what about 2012 and beyond?

Your Website IS your Business – Not an Extension of It

With the growing popularity of mobile apps and smaller, faster computers, shopping from anywhere is easy. Customers buy big screen TVs from the lineup in the grocery store because they have already done their research and read reviews from the convenience of their home or office. There are many families working multiple jobs and encouraging their children to attend extracurricular activities, so who has time to comparison shop in person anymore? No one!

The habits of the average consumer have changed. More people are turning to online storefronts before they visit the physical retail location and it’s increasingly popular to make entire purchases online from start to finish.  Instead of visiting a coffee shop, taking a business card and checking out the website at home, customers are finding out about the coffee shop through positive reviews on social media, visiting the site and then becoming a customer.  That customer will tell their friends, provided the site has a certain set of traits. Continue reading